Summer Jam West 2009

I had a wonderful time at the Summer Jam West conference. I met a lot of great people. The workshops and panels were fun and informative. Industry professionals hosted workshops on marketing your music, artist promotion, instrument workshops, protecting your songs, collaboration, recording, business essentials, performance techniques, and more. These were musicians, writers, business managers, producers, engineers, and film people that had worked with well known artists, films, and TV shows. Google some of these folks and you will be impressed. Its a good reason to make sure you get to Summer Jam West 2010!

Dean Kaelin vocal coach for David Archuleta
Eric Chung, CMS - music for a lot of TV shows and 
Larry Batiste, publisher, producer and
musical director for the Grammy Awards Pre-Telecast
Roxanne Hasegawa with ABC

Marc Cooper, guitarist to who's who list of stars
Marcus Barone, music supervisor First International Film
Mark Hill, NFE Records
Claytoven Richardson, producer, writer, vocalist
(Celin Dion, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey)
Micahel Aczon, Entertainment Attorney/Management