Saturday, October 23, 2010


My database of area musicians continues to grow and I have identified quite a few that are willing to work with other musicians. Also a lot that will do house concerts. 

The last show was a lot of fun. Not attended as well as we hoped with only about 50 people, but fun. We had Randy Moser, Austin Jones, Half Cowboy, Sons of Other Mothers, and me. Everyone had some great tunes.

Randy's got such a cool feel and does not do predictable stuff with the guitar. He played exceptional clean.

Austin was solid! He has a great country voice and presence. I did not detect any mistakes. He played one cover but his originals blew that away, especially a tune titled "Six String and a Strap".

Half Cowboy really tightened up their act and harmonies were nice and tight. Really love "Saturated" and they did an awesome job.

Sons of Other Mothers were missing one son, but Alan Sanders carried the load very well. Their playing is always tight and Alan does such sweet things with the acoustic guitar.

I played fairly well but did flub a few obvious places. I played "Army Man" and "Blame it on the Woman", two songs I have not played for a while. I played a new one "State of Confusion" and Blake from the Sons joined me with his harmonica. That song was a blast.

We may not do anything until after Christmas. Meanwhile I will be focusing on the choir for Christmas and  I am recording a bunch of my tunes as simple acoustics exactly the way I perform them by myself. I've laid down "Blame it on the Woman" and "Army Man". I posted Army Man. I'm redoing "Blame it" in another key to see if it sounds better. I'm also working on "Old MacDonald" for a collection of songs from my grandsons. It will be called "Pop Pop Sings!"

Excitement!! There's gold in that there box!!! I found a box in storage full of old tape cassette recordings! I thought it had been lost forever. It is tapes of my original songs over the years, covers, practice sessions and work from my bands Millenium, Blackstone, and Man Overboard. Also some choirs I sang with, some collaboration with Dan Pellitier and Doug Parrish. And professional recordings of my dad's fiddle tunes and his bluegrass band Kinfolk!
Tapes piled all around the mixer! I'm transferring some of these to digital.

Most importantly I found 10 tapes of my "bits and pieces"!!! These are ideas and thoughts I put down over the years. There is over twelve hours of ideas! I'm sure this will get my juices flowing so expect a lot of new stuff to start coming out.

The stack on the right is my original songs, back left is covers, and the front stack is "Bits and Pieces"!