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Song List
A Father's Prayer
Ain't Got No Money
Ain't Looking Back version 1
Ain't Looking Back version 2
Already There
Army Man
Austin (Life Is Good)
Ballad Of Virginia Wycliffe
Beautiful Child
Blame It On The Woman
Blue Moons And Bad Moons
Carry On
Coming Home
Crazy For You
Crystal Ships
Dad (You Blew It) ****
Damn Aliens
Do You Know Him?
Don't Let It Go
Don’t Let Me Down
Draw The Line
Drive My Car version 1
Drive My Car version 2
Evergreen Tree
Every Day
Footsteps In The Sands Of Time
Forever And A Day
Get While The Gettin's Good
Go Go Go ***
Gone, Gone, Gone
Guy That Nobody Sees
Heart Beating Version 1
Heart Beating Version 2
Heaven Is You
Hey, Hey, I'm Ready
Hidden Meadow Song ****
I Never Really Walked The Beach
I Want To Be A Folk Hero
Looks Like Rain **
I've Got Dreams
Just Say You Love Me
Long Way Down
Low Down
Mr. Barrett (Shame On You) ****
Must Be Love
New Policy
Not Enough Love
Oh Freedom ****
On The Bottom Side
One Blue's Song
One Night Motel
Open Road *
Over And Done
Peace Will Come ****
Pick Me Up On Main Street
Pony Express
Rainbow Song
Reason To Believe ****
Redhead Lady
Riverton Boys
Rock Me
Roll Your Way version 1
Roll Your Way version 2
Rosemary Days ****
See You Tonight version 1
See You Tonight version 2
She Cries
She Makes Me Feel Fine ****
She's A Woman Who Needs Love
She's A Woman Who Needs Love (Revised)
She's My Girl ****
Shroud Of Sadness (9-11-01)
Slow Dancing
So Many Times
So Much
Stay With Me Forever
Stolen Moment
String Around My Heart
Suzie Caught In The Crossfire
Sweet Celebration Of Life (For Dad) acoustic
Sweet Celebration Of Life (For Dad)
Take A Look At Me
That’s The Way It’s Supposed To Be
They Nailed Him To The Cross
Thinking About Hope
Today (For Kate)
Today And Forever (For Mike)
Two Lovers (For Andrew)
Us (For Carson) 
We Can Fly
Where Did Timmy Go?
Where You Are
You Are The Beautiful One
You Are The Warmth In My Life
You Can't Change Time
You Don’t Know Your Own Mind
You Have Every Right
You’ve Got My Love

* co-written with Andrew Walker
** co-written with Carl Franklin
*** co-wrriten with Dan Pelletier
**** co-written with Nancy Walker